7 Ideas for Simple Easter Gifts for Toddlers

7 Simple Easter Gift Ideas for Toddlers

Here are 8 simple Easter gifts for toddlers, divided into 2 categories: imaginative play and outdoor play. Keep Easter simple and easy with these fun ideas!

7 Simple Easter Gifts for Toddlers

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Easter is creeping up on me faster than I’d like to admit. I’m not prepared at all, but I’m determined to get there fast, and to help you get prepared with me!

So, let’s talk toddlers and Easter? Do you dye eggs or do plastic eggs? Do you fill eggs with candy or healthy snacks or maybe toys? What about Easter baskets (check out these 3 Amazing Easter Baskets for Toddlers!)? And, does the Easter bunny bring any sort of gift to your kids for Easter? Or are you just trying to keep it very simple this year?


Simple Easter in Our Home

We’re only on our third Easter with Camden (the first he was only 6 weeks old, so I’m not even sure it counts). This is the first Easter that he really has any ideas about Easter. So here’s a quick run-down on what we’re doing at our house:

  • I’m putting healthy snacks and mini Daniel Tiger figures in Camden’s plastic eggs. He’s only 2, so I’m only hiding 12 or so eggs.
  • We’re having a fun Easter brunch as a small family at home (we’ll celebrate with extended family on other weekends).
  • And yes, we do give Cam an Easter gift. Since Christmas and his birthday just happened a couple of months ago, I try to keep Easter gifts to 2 certain categories: imaginative play or outdoor play.


3 Simple Imaginative Play Easter Gifts for Toddlers:

born toys simple gift ideas for easter

Born Toys Imaginative Play Dress Up Kits

Camden got the Born Toys firefighter set for his birthday and he has not stopped playing with it. He just wears the hat and fire chief jacket around all day, in case there are any fires to fight. Haha.  And then Born Toys gifted us the scientist set. Camden asks to get out his ‘so-i-teest’ lab coat and supplies all the time.

born toys simple gifts for easter for toddlers

One of my favorite things about this brand is how many more pieces come in their sets compared to other similar sets. That’s what drew us to the firefighter set over a much more popular brand. And, my other favorite part is that so many of the pieces actually WORK. The fire extinguisher really sprays water. The lab equipment can really be used in the scientist set. And in the police set and the explorer set, there are working flashlights.

*This is part of a collaboration with Born Toys, but all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. I would never promote products that we don’t love and use in our home.*


lovevery block set easter toddler gift

Lovevery Block Set

Lovevery makes the best 0-2 year old playkits (which Camden still plays with daily, even though he’s exceeded the targeted age). But they also have toys for older toddlers too. Their block set is AMAZING! It’s a wooden block set, and there are so many different sizes, shapes and colors. Your toddler can build with these for hours and never get tired of them! 

*I have been gifted Lovevery Playkits, but I am writing out of no obligation to the company. Opinions are 100% my own.*



Wooden Coffee Pod Maker Playset

Some family members got Camden this for Christmas, and it gets used almost every single day. He loves to get out his coffee maker and make coffee all day long form mama and daddy. In fact, he gets mad if he’s already made us play coffee and then we try to make real coffee too! Toddlers love realistic imaginative play, and if you make coffee at home, they’ll love the chance to do it too. 


Garden/Lawn Tool Play Set

These are real, working garden and lawn tools, just scaled down to kid-size! The price is amazing and most toddlers love to help with the yardwork, so this is a perfect toy. It combines the best of imaginative play and outdoor play!


4 Simple Outdoor Play Easter Gifts for Toddlers

bat and ball outdoor play set

Adjustable Basketball Hoop or T-Ball Set

This basketball hoop is actually the simple Easter gift for toddlers that we got Camden this year. I used Kohl’s Cash and didn’t pay any extra money for it, which was awesome! I’m excited to add this to our outdoor play, but even if it’s not super warm by Easter, it can still be played with inside to start with. Perfect for independent play, and it’s adjustable so it grows with your toddler until they’re big enough for a big kid basketball hoop. You can get it in blue or pink, too!

The T-Ball set was a birthday gift for Camden and he has been loving it! He doesn’t quite understand which end of the bat to use – and refuses to listen when we try to convince him to use the other end – but he thinks it’s so fun to play baseball. It comes with 5 balls, which is nice, because you can hit a few into the yard at a time before you have to go chase them!


Sprinkler Mat

We got one of these last summer for Camden, and I’m excited to pull it out again! He loves this thing. It fills up super fast and easily, and you can adjust how high the water sprinkles; Cam doesn’t like it going over his head, so we kept it at waist- height last year. But if you turn up the water pressure, you can get it to spray almost 5 feet high!


Step 2 Water Discovery Wall

We have a water table, but this looks like such a fun addition! The pieces can be moved around, and then toddlers can pour water and watch it fall! This is such a fun spring/summer toy.


Turtle Target Game

Camden loves to play with our bags set, so I can only imagine that he would love this. It’s like a beanbag toss, but the bags stick to the frame; an awesome way to help toddlers develop gross motor skills! And I was amazed that it’s only about $20!


Tell me about your Easter traditions and plans! I’d love to hear everyone’s family celebration ideas. 

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