7 Valentine’s Day Acts of Kindness to Teach Your Children to Love Others

Want to help your kids learn to love and care for others? Choose one of these 7 Valentine’s Day Acts of Kindness to teach them to use this ‘day of love’ to help others! 

7 Acts of Kindness t o celebrate Valentine's Day

We’ve never been big Valentine’s Day people in our house. My husband doesn’t like the idea of a certain day where two people are supposed to say they love each other, so we don’t do anything.

But as a teacher, I always liked Valentine’s Day for kids. It’s a great way to teach them about celebrating friendship and about the idea that everyone deserves to feel included.

So I knew when I had a child, I wanted to do something small for Valentine’s Day for him. Nothing major, because he has a birthday at the end of January, so we’re already overrun with new toys. I just like to give Camden a little surprise to say how much we love him. Since I am a strong believer in the power and joy of books, I give him a Valentine board book every year.

Valentine's Day notecard

Valentine’s Day Acts of Kindness

This is Camden’s third Valentine’s Day, and he is 2 years old. So I want to start teaching him how we can use this ‘Day of Love’ to love people who might not always feel loved and appreciated.

On that note, I decided to make the holiday a Valentine’s Day Acts of Kindness day. We’re going to pick one of these acts of kindness and go shower others with love.

Want to join in? Here are 10 easy ideas (some are free, some are not):

Valentine Cards for Nursing Homes/Assisted Living – Acts of Kindness #1

While you’re already making Valentines for the classroom, make a second set for your local nursing home. Many of the people living there may not have any family or anyone to make their Valentine’s Day special. Don’t address them, just write a nice message and sign it (first name only!) and let your kids go with you to take them to the nursing home to drop them off.

Valentine's Day acts of kindness cookies

Valentine’s Day Cookies for Police Station and Fire Station – Acts of Kindness #2

A great Valentine’s Day Acts of Kindness would be to make Valentine cookies to take to the police station or fire station. Police don’t get holiday breaks, and they’re often the subject of public scrutiny. Show them you appreciate their service by taking them a plate of cookies decorated by you and your kiddos.

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Valentine’s Day Packs for Those In Need/Homeless – Acts of Kindness #3

There is no wrong time of year to put together small packs to hand out to those in need and those who are homeless. In a small bag, put necessities like food/snacks, quarters for laundry, gloves/socks, disposable hand warmers, a fleece blanket, etc. Add in a Valentine’s Day card and then hand them out! You can just head to a spot in your city where you know there are people to hand them to, or head to your local shelter and let them decide who to hand them out to.


Gift Cards at the Grocery Store – Valentine Acts of Kindness #4

Head to a grocery store – I’ve seen people do this at Aldi recently. Buy a few $5 or $10 gift cards and stick them in an envelope with a Valentine’s Day card. Then you can hand them out in one of two ways: (1) walk around with your kids and have them give them to random shoppers, or (2) give them to a cashier and ask her to give them to people who seem like they could use a blessing today.

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Valentine's Day acts of kindness pet shelter

Food for the Animal Shelter – Valentine’s Day Acts of Kindness #5

Head to the store with your kids and pick out a few bags of food and some treats for dogs and cats. Then take them to the animal shelter and let your kids give the staff their donation. (You could even include a treat and Valentine card for the staff as well!)

vase of flowers

Treats and Flowers for Nurses – Valentine’s Day Acts of Kindness #6

Nurses are another overworked, underappreciated group. So buy some fresh flowers or make/buy some treats and deliver them to the nurses at a local hospital!


Support Your Schools – Valentine’s Day Acts of Kindness #7

I’m sure a lot of you send a Valentine card for your child’s teacher (most boxes of store-bought cards include a teacher one), but do you even realize how many people work in a school who do not get appreciated at Valentine’s Day (or Christmas or any other time)? There are the aides, the paraprofessionals, cooks, janitors, and office staff, just to name a few. Make a cute little Valentine to have your kids deliver to all the support (think bags of popcorn with a ‘Just poppin’ in to say thanks!’) or deliver Starbucks coffee for everyone one morning (they sell big gallons of fresh coffee). Let them know you love and appreciate everything they do for your family and kids!


Valentine’s Day has a bad reputation for being a very commercial holiday. Let’s turn that reputation on its head and use the day to serve others with kindness! Tell me which act of kindness you’re going to participate in! 

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