7 Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day 2020

7 Gifts for Mother's Day

For many of us, Mother’s Day is going to be very different this year. I’ve pulled together some great gift ideas for Mother’s Day 2020 – the social distancing, going to have to mail my mama something version!

7 Gifts for Mother's Day 2020


This social distancing thing. Y’all, it’s no joke. I know we’re all getting antsy. And if you’re like me, it was hard enough to spend Easter without family, but it’s going to be even harder to spend Mother’s Day without my mom. I want to sit with her, talk to her, and enjoy a meal together. 

And we will. It may not be on May 10th, and it may not even be in May. But even if it’s in June or July, we’ll celebrate my mom.

But – even if you’re not going to be able to be with your mom for Mother’s Day – and honestly, there are probably a lot of you who normally aren’t with your moms, if they live far away – there are amazing ways you can send them something to celebrate them. Here are 7 of my favorite gift ideas for long-distance moms:


The Obvious Gift Idea for Long-Distance Moms (But From an Amazing Source!): Flowers

The Bouqs is my favorite online place to get fresh flowers sent to someone. The flowers are farm-fresh, organic, and gorgeous. The prices are comparable to other online flower orders, but the flowers are soooo much better. Plus, you can sign up for their subscription service and get monthly – or bimonthly – flowers for 30% off! There’s a bunch of other perks too, but I like that I could send someone flowers for a holiday one month – at 30% off – and then have flowers delivered to me the next month at 30% off. You can skip a delivery at any time, too. 

The Delicious Gift Idea for Mother’s Day 2020: Cookies

Insomnia Cookies are my husband’s and my favorite business to buy fresh-baked cookies from. In case you didn’t know, you can have boxes of 12 or more cookies sent to anyone, anywhere in the United States. I can’t think of many moms who wouldn’t love for fresh, soft, chewy cookies to show up at their door! 


The Crafty Idea for Mother’s Day 2020: DIY Candle Making with Dried Flowers Kit

If you’ve got a crafty mama, this kit is so fun! A mom can make at least 2 big candles with this kit – and the kit is soy wax and essential oil scents. It’s safe, natural, and so fun! Rather than just sending your mom a pre-made candle, this is a great gift idea for long-distance crafty moms. 


every plate

The Take-a-Load-Off Gift Idea: Dinner

There are a few ways you can send dinner to your mom:

  • send a gift card for a restaurant local to her, so she can pick up dinner one or two nights (and support local businesses!). 
  • call the restaurant directly and order, tip, and have dinner delivered hot and fresh to your mom’s door!
  • send her a meal subscription box for a week or a month. (You can grab some discount codes here for HelloFresh, EveryPlate and Green Chef.)


The Memory-Maker Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day 2020: Something to Look Forward To

Send your mom something to look forward to. Maybe you send her a gift card for the local children’s museum and a promise to take the kids as soon as it’s safe. Or, if she lives really far away, maybe you send her an itinerary and plan of when you’re next coming to visit. Surprise her with a plan to make some memories together. Or, send her an invitation to have an online game night together!


socially distanced hug gift box etsy

The ‘Socially Distanced Hug’ Gift Box

I found this gift box when I was searching Etsy and I love it! You can send your mom a box with a candle, matches, card and a succulent, and there’s a bunch of cute, optional add-ons, like adorable earrings, necklaces, bath bombs, etc. The price is super reasonable, too (under $30). If you’ve got a mom who could use some time for herself, this is the perfect box!


The Simple-But-Meaningful Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day 2020: Handmade Cards

Google ‘handmade cards’ or check out YouTube, and you can find a ton of tutorials. Make a fancy handmade card for your mom, and have your kids make one for her too. Send it by itself, or add another gift to go with it. But no matter what, I promise she’ll treasure a card that you took the time to design, create and put together yourself!


If you’re looking for some other ideas, you can check out my list of Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for 2019, and my post on Mother’s Day Gifts That Give Back (support charities and small businesses through your purchases!). Ooooohhhh, I also wrote a gift guide for coffee loving mamas, too, so if your mom loves coffee like I do, that’s the post you need!

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