60+ Gifts for the Harry Potter Fanatic

Are you obsessed with Harry Potter? Do you know someone who is? Then you’ll definitely need to check out this list of 60+ Gift for the Harry Potter fanatic in your life. Or, you know, to buy something for yourself.


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I am absolutely, without-a-doubt, 100% obsessed with Harry Potter. I read all 7 books pretty much once a year, and my husband gets me at least 1 HP gift every single holiday. It’s wonderful.

For everyone out there who is obsessed like me, you’ll want to add these to your wishlist. And, if you’re not obsessed, I bet you know someone who is!

And, luckily for you, I’ve done all the research and compiled all the best items from different sources so you can find the coolest gifts without doing all of the work! Time-saver!




harry potter wearable blanket



Potter Wearable Blanket

I got this for our gift exchange game with our friends this year, and I kind of want to end up with my own gift. Is that okay? (Please say yes!) 

There are 4 different versions of this blanket – each based on a different house – but I obviously went with Gryffindor. I love blankets of any sort, and I’m always cold. So if I’m going to rock a wearable blanket, it might as well be Harry Potter!







harry potter necklace set





Harry Potter Necklace Set

Set contains a time turner, golden snitch, and Death Hallows necklace.








harry potter bracelet 


The Noble Collection Harry Potter Bracelet

Bracelet has charms featuring the Gryffindor house crest and the Sorting Hat – the perfect complement to a woman’s (or girl’s) HP apparel collection!










marauder's map umbrella



Marauder’s Map Umbrella (Compact Collapsible) 

This beautiful umbrella opens to a 32″ diameter and closes to a compact 9″ for storage. This will almost make you want to stand in the rain. Hey, I said almost.









wand makeup brushes




Wizarding Wand Makeup Brushes

You know you wanted to liven up your morning routine.

These metal brushes are made with soft synthetic fibers and come with a cloth pouch to keep them in, and the price can’t be beat! 











harry potter collaborative deck building game

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle Collaborative Deck Building Game

This is my husband and my favorite game. We’re always trying to find new people to play it with. It goes through all 7 years of Hogwarts and progressively gets harder, and the game is never the same twice! It is so, so much fun for small groups.











harry potter battle of hogwarts expansion

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle Expansion Pack

This is the expansion for the game above. It adds on 5 more games and 1 character (Luna Lovegood). It adds creatures to the villains, and gives the game a fun, new, and increasingly difficult twist.











fantastic beasts cooperative dice game

Fantastic Beasts Perilous Pursuit Cooperative Dice Game 

This is a cooperative game, like the Battle of Hogwarts, but it uses dice instead of cards. I’ve hinted heavily to my husband that I’d loooove this for Christmas!










wizard chess


Wizard Chess Set by the Noble Collection

Feel like Ron and Harry when you play chess against your best wizard friends (Muggles wouldn’t get it)!







lexicon go




Harry Potter Lexicon Go!

The goal is to get rid of your tiles by making words. They don’t have to be Harry Potter themed, but if you make a 5 letter Harry Potter word, you win the round! A list of Harry Potter terms is included for friends who might not obsess over HP as much as you. But we know you don’t need any help, do you?








harry potter codenames game



Harry Potter Code Names

If you’ve ever played the original Code Names game, you’re probably going to want the Harry Potter version.

If you’ve never played Code Names, you’re still probably going to want the Harry Potter version. 









harry potter munchkin



Harry Potter Munchkin Deluxe

The original Munchkin is a fun game, with lots of wizards and dragons and other magical creatures and people. But Harry Potter Munchkin is a thousand times better because it’s characters and creatures I actually recognize. 









gringotts checkers



Gringotts Bank Checkers










harry potter kano coding



Harry Potter Kano Coding Kit

Build a wand (literally – parts are included) and then learning coding to teach it different spells. Works with any tablet and learns over 70 spells and things to do. This thing is super cool!

I wish my son were old enough for this. Actually, I might just need it for me. Right?








staircase puzzle



Harry Potter Hogwarts Staircase Puzzle

If you’re looking for a difficult flat puzzle, this is it!









harry potter 3d puzzle great hall


Wrebbit 3D Puzzle – Great Hall

I got this last year as a Christmas gift, and my husband and I have been having a blast working on it! It’s challenging, so it keeps it interesting. The pieces are sturdy foam, so once it’s put together, it’s going to hold up well. This is a great gift for an older kid or an adult who loves Harry Potter!









harry potter 3d puzzle astronomy tower


Wrebbit 3D Puzzle – Astronomy Tower

The astronomy tower connects to the Great Hall! The two puzzle make the entire Hogwarts castle. We’re putting the two together at the same time so we can connect them and have all of Hogwarts. 









harry potter 3d puzzle diagon alley



Wrebbit 3D Puzzle – Diagon Alley

This one looks easier than the two Hogwarts ones. It’s half the pieces, and there’s no curving parts, like the Astronomy Tower. This would be a great first puzzle to try!








harry potter 3d puzzle ollivander's scribbulus


Wrebbit 3D Puzzle – Ollivander’s and Scribbulus Shops (DIagon Alley)

These two shop connect to complete the Diagon Alley puzzle!










harry potter 3d puzzle burrow



Wrebbit 3D Puzzle – The Weasley’s Burrow










harry potter 3d puzzle hogwarts express


Wrebbit 3D Puzzle – Hogwarts Express

How cute would this look under a Harry Potter-themed Christmas treee??










harry ptoter 3d puzzle knight bus



Wrebbit 3D Puzzle – The Knight Bus











sorting hat



Sorting Hat

Wear this hat (or use as a tree topper for your HP tree!) and find out which house you belong in!

Hand stitched. 








talking sorting hat



Dumbledore’s Talking Sorting Hat

This hat has a hand stitched face and talks when you put it on. If you really want to know which house you belong in, you’re going to need this hat!









hedwig collectible


Hedwig Collectible by the Noble Collection

At 7 inches tall, this is beautiful crafted and detailed, and is a perfect display piece for a Harry Potter themed room. There are many more collectibles in the collection, including: 

Dobby; Fawkes; Buckbeak; the Hungarian Horntail; Nagini; the Basilisk; the Ukranian Ironbelly; and a Dementor


Fantastic Beasts Collection, including: the Niffler; Bowtruckle; Occamy; Fwooper; Thunderbird; and Demiguise









Home Decor:

harry potter remote control  tv wand


Harry Potter Remote Control Wand

My husband got me this for my birthday, and I love it! It’s so (ridiculously) fun to pretend like you’re a wizard. You can program the wand so each of the movements (rolling it, swiping up/down/left/right, jabbing forward/back, etc) control a different function on the tv. Kids would have a blast with it too!

One tip: turn it off when you’re not using it, because if it rolls around, that function is activated. For us, that’s the volume, so it randomly starts getting louder or softer, depending on which way the wand rolled on the couch or coffee table!








harry potter remote control wand stand tv

Harry Potter Remote Control Wand Stand

This is the stand for the tv remote. I don’t have it (yet!) but it would be so handy to have somewhere to set/display the wand, without having to put it in the box every time I’m done using it. 










marauder's map blanket harry potter

Marauder’s Map Blanket

This looks so cozy!











starry night hogwarts harry potter


Starry Night Hogwarts Print 

We first saw this print in our pediatrician’s office (because she has a Harry Potter themed room! She is awesome!) and loved it. I would love to have this on the wall in my house. 








harry potter hogwarts candlepot



Hogwarts/Quidditch Candlepot and Revolving Candle Topper

When the candle flame heats up the topper, it makes it spin! So cute!








hogwarts bookends



Hogwarts Bookends 

Because, obviously, you need a stylish way to display your Harry Potter collection!









diagon alley shower curtain




Diagon Alley Shower Curtain

Even your bathroom can feel like a part of the Wizarding World. 









golden snitch table lamp



Golden Snitch Table Lamp

This small lamp with a floating snitch would be a cute accent in any room. 










platform 9 decal



Platform 9 3/4 Decal

If you’re even half a wizard, you’re going to want this decal over a door in your house! (Perhaps the bathroom door where your Diagon Alley shower curtain is?)









harry potter quotes



Harry Potter Quotes (Set of 4)

Includes 4 quotes by Albus Dumbledore (a wise man!)  on 8×10 paper, ready for framing and displaying. 










toilet decal



Ministry of Magic Toilet Decal

When your wizard friends visit your house, they need to know how to get to the MoM.










hogwarts express bookends


Hogwarts Express Bookends

While these are only the pricier side, they are gorgeous and perfect for the serious (Siruis?) Harry Potter collector. 








harry potter appetizer plates




Solemnly Swear Appetizer Plates (Set of 4)










marauder's map dishes



Marauder’s Map Dishes 16 Piece Dining Set 

Includes 4 place settings.

I think it’s time for new dishes. Yes, please!









color changing heat mug harry potter

Marauder’s Map Heat Changing Mug

There are a bunch of different types of these mugs: the Marauder’s Map, a Niffler,

I have the Marauder’s Map mug, and it’s so neat to pour my coffee into it in the morning and watch it change from black to the image. Of course, I also know when my coffee’s gotten cold, because it changes back to black again!












honeydukes book




Honeydukes Scratch and Sniff Adventure

When you read the books or watch the movies, don’t you feel like you can almost smell all the delicious candies and sweet at Honeydukes Sweet Shop? Now you really can!








history of magic book



A Journey Through a History of Magic by the British Library

This book accompanies an exhibit at the British Library and lets readers enter the Hogwarts History of Magic Curriculum. It covers hundreds of years worth of magical history, exactly what you might learn if you were in Binns’ class (although, rather more interesting than the professor). 

There is also a hardcover version








harry potter cookbook



The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook by Dinah Bucholz

Ever wanted to cook a meal reminiscent of the ones Harry and his friends ate at Hogwarts? This is your book. Your next Harry Potter themed Christmas party will be over-the-top amazing when you cook up your treacle tart for your guests!









harry potter joke book



The Unofficial Harry Potter Joke Book by Brian Boone

The jokes in this book are corny, but they’ll get any Harry Potter fan (especially the younger ones!) giggling.

What spell does Ron use to gas up the car?



Expecto Petroleum!





spell book harry potter



The Unofficial Harry Potter Spellbook by Michael Gonzalez

Got a wand but don’t know any spells? Look no further! This book contains over 200 spells with pronunciation guide and wand movement images to guide your learning. You’ll be a master wizard in no time!









page clips





Harry Potter Page Clips (Set of 2)

Hold your place in all your Harry Potter books with these magnetic little wizards!  I guess you can use them in other books as well – it just won’t be as magical. 








coloring book



Harry Potter Coloring Book by Scholastic

All your adult coloring dreams come true.











places and characters coloring book




Harry Potter Magical Places and Characters Coloring Book by Scholastic

Keep on coloring. 









magical creatures




Harry Potter Magical Creatures Coloring Book by Scholastic

You can’t really need more to color, can you?








magical artifacts



Harry Potter Magical Artifacts Coloring Book by Scholastic

Aaaaand, just one more!












For Kids/Baby:

harry potter bed



Marauder’s Map Comforter Set









harry potter bed



Hogwarts Crest Comforter Set










harry potter bed



 Harry Potter Sheet Set














harry potter baby bedding


Harry Potter Enchanted Night Sky Baby Bedding Set 

Set includes quilt, fitted crib sheet and crib skirt. 










hedwig flannel nightgown


Hedwig Flannel Nightgown


This nightgown features images of Hedwig and Hogwarts, and it comes in sizes starting at 3T.









harry potter snitch lamp



Golden Snitch Lamp

This beautiful lamp is 22″ tall and would make a stylish addition to any room in your home. 









muggle baby outfit



Snuggle This Muggle Gryffindor Outfit (Comes With HP Glasses, Too!)

This adorable onesie (with pants, hat, and glasses) will make any baby the happiest wizarding baby around. We got it for our son and the pants are so stinkin’ cute on his chubby little thighs!









Christmas Decorations:

honeydukes ornament





Hallmark Honeydukes Sweet Shop Ornament










harry and snape ornament




Hallmark Harry and Snape Ornament










niffler ornament




Hallmark Niffler Ornament









house crest ornaments




The Noble Collection House Crest Ornaments (Set of 5)












gryffindor wax seal



Gryffindor Wax Seal

Use your house crest to seal all your important correspondence (and then post by owl!).




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