5 Reasons to Play Outside Even When It’s Cold

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It can be hard to convince yourself to get outside when it’s cold, especially when you have to get your kids ready. I’m here to convince you with these 5 Reasons to Play Outside Even When It’s Cold!

5 Reasons to Play Outside Even When It's Cold

I’ll be the first to admit: I don’t like the cold. I’m cold even when it’s hot out, so I’m pretty miserable when it’s actually cold out.


I will also be the first to advocate that, no matter how cold it is (within reason, obviously), you should get yourself and your family outside and moving EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. I love being outside, and I take every chance to be out there that I can. When my husband and I first started dating, he couldn’t understand my fascination with eating dinner outside on the patio (truthfully, I’m still not sure he understands it, but he does it because it makes me happy).

It’s wintertime now, and with a toddler, that makes it a little harder to get outside. But, really, only a little. Toddlers have gloves, hats, coats and snowpants just like the rest of us. In fact, if your kiddo is under two, this fleece playsuit is our favorite thing ever. We just bundle Camden up in it, slip his coat on, and – if we’re going on a walk – put a blanket over his lap.

If you’re someone who needs convincing to get outside with your kids when it’s cold out, I’ve got the reasons for you.

girls playing outside in the cold snow

The fresh air is good for your kids and it’s a form of self-care for you – Reasons to Play Outside in the Cold #1 

It’s literally a proven fact – fresh air makes us happier and less stressed. It makes your kids expend more energy, so they sleep better, and they’re in a better mood as well. Just getting your body moving in fresh air for 15 minutes is worth the effort for all of you. I don’t know about you, but when I’m stuck inside for too long, I just crave some time outside, no matter how cold it is. 


There are less toys to clean up when you spend part of your day outside. – Reasons to Play Outside in the Cold #2

This is one of my main reasons for bundling up and moving our bodies outside. Camden is happy to go for a walk in the stroller or play in the yard and driveway. We even back the vehicles out of the garage and let him ride his bike and tractor around as a place to break the wind. But a great reason to play outside even in the cold is that they’re probably using fewer toys outside – and certainly not buckets of Legos and PicassoTiles and blocks – so that means less for me to clean up (or to harp on him to clean up). Another reason you’ll be less stressed at the end of the day! 


You’re creating memories with your family. – Reasons to Play Outside in the Cold #3

Your kids are used to playing inside in the living room/bedroom/toy room. But taking the time to get outside and have fun – they’ll remember that! They’ll remember the crazy times they played at the park and had it all to themselves. And they’ll remember when mom and dad let them ride their bikes around the garage and sip hot chocolate. 

kids play on winter sleds in the cold snow

Fresh air and playing outside burns more energy than staying inside. – Reasons to Play Outside in the Cold #4

I’m sure you’ve seen evidence of this. When kids go outside in the summer, they’re always a lot more tired than when they’re stuck inside on a rainy day. The same is true in the winter. Even a little bit of time outside is going to make your kids more tired and help them sleep better. They’ll burn more energy, which means when they come back in, they might be slightly less destructive. This tops my reasons to play outside in the cold for sure! 


Parks are less crowded in the winter. – Reasons to Play Outside in the Cold #5

This is so, so true! Even on decent days – days where it’s above 32 degrees – there are simply way fewer people who choose to go to the park in the winter. That means more play space for us. And if it’s after the snow has melted, and the ground is wet, find a playground with a rubber surface instead of gravel or wood chips. There are certainly times that it’s too cold or wet to play at the park, but we’ve also found a lot of winter days where we can play at the park, even if it’s only for 20 minutes.


I’m sure there are so many more reasons to play outside even when it is cold out, but those are my top ones. So Midwesterners and Northeast-Coasters, bundle up, bundle your kids up, and get yourselves outside. Save everyone’s sanity and instead of just surviving winter, we might even enjoy it! 


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