5 Reasons to Love Your Hunt a Killer Subscription – Review and Giveaway

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It can be hard to find new ideas to mix up date night or friends’ night, so I’ve found one for you! Hunt a Killer is a multi-month/multi-box murder mystery, and it will be the most fun you’ve had in long time! Read more and enter to win a FREE box! 

5 Reasons to Love Your Hunt a Killer subscription box

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Y’all know I love my subscription boxes: I get Date Night In every month, I write about my Causebox obsession, and I’ve even created my own subscription box for my husband!

Plus, I love true crime podcasts, like Crime Junkie and Jensen & Holes. I listen to them daily, and I love trying to put the pieces together to solve a mystery. Crime novels are my jam, too (have you read The Whisper Network??).

So when I heard about the Hunt a Killer subscription box, I knew I needed it in my life. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it – and at the end of this post, I’m going to help one of you get your hands on it, too!

hunt a killer box

What is Hunt a Killer?

Hunt a Killer is a subscription box service. Each crime is spread out over 6 boxes, spanning 6 months. Every month you get more pieces, clues and information to solve the mystery.

There’s a Facebook group that you can join as well, to talk about the crime and get hints or help if you’re really needing it.



hunt a killer contents

5 Reasons to Love Your Hunt a Killer Subscription

You’ve Got Date Night (or Group Date Night) Planned!

One of the cool things about this subscription box is that it’s continued over every month for 6 months. So, you’ve either got some planned date nights for you and your significant other (no babysitter required!) or you’ve got the perfect monthly group night as well! My husband and I are doing the first subscription as a couple, but I’d love to do the next series with a group of friends and eat queso, drink margaritas and solve crimes together every month!


You Love True Crime!

The Hunt a Killer subscription box feels like true crime. The contents are so well made; my husband and I were astonished when we went through the first two boxes. The first box is set at a high school reunion, and one of the items they include is a high school yearbook. It honestly looked like a paperback version of the high school yearbook I have from my high school years. Every piece is the same realistic high quality. It makes you feel like you really are a crime scene detective solving a murder.


You’re Helping to Solve Real Crimes, Too

Another thing you all know about me is that I love, love, love products, brands and companies that give back. That’s another reason I love supporting Hunt a Killer – part of the proceeds of every box is donated to the Cold Case Foundation, a non-profit that works to close cold cases and bring closure to victims’ families.


You’re Developing Your Critical Thinking Skills

When I was a kid, I loved those Whodunit crime books (and I honestly still do!), and this is 10 times better. 

The mystery is so detailed and intricate that you’ll have to be super deductive and thoughtful if you want to solve the mystery. And if you need a kick to get your brain going, remember there’s a Facebook group to help you get going.

Doing things that help develop your critical thinking skills can help improve your work efficiency, as well! It’s a win-win. 


You Can Do the Boxes Completely At Your Pace

Our life is crazy busy lately, and after our first 2 boxes, the third came and it’s just sitting on our table. We’re going to have to take a couple months to do it. But, luckily, Hunt a Killer offers a ‘pause’ option. You can pause the subscription for either 30 or 90 days. So, that gives you plenty of time to catch up before the next box comes! Most subscription boxes don’t have that option, and they end up building up in your house, so this is one of my favorite features!


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Want to Give Hunt a Killer a Try?

I’ve teamed up with Hunt a Killer to offer a lucky winner the first box completely FREE! Here’s how you can enter:


  1. Subscribe to my blog (If you’re already subscribed, leave a comment on this post!)


     2. Head over to my Instagram and follow the directions there to enter!


NOTE: If you subscribe AND enter on Instagram, I’ll give you 5 extra entries! (That’s a total of 7 entries!!!) Leave me a comment here with your IG handle so I know you’ve done both! 


Giveaway ends Saturday, July 27th at 11:59 pm. Winner will be announced within 24 hours of giveaway close. This giveaway is in no way sponsored by Instagram. 


I can’t wait to pick a winner! And if you can’t wait to try Hunt a Killer, click here to get 15% off your entire purchase! 

You can also get the subscription box through Amazon, and Prime members save 40% off the first box! 

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