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30+ Toddler Gift Ideas That Are NOT Toys

30+ Toddler Gift Ideas That Are NOT Toys

30+ Toddler Gift Ideas That Are NOT Toys



If your toddler is anything like mine, he’s got more toys than any child could possibly need. But if your family is anything like mine and my husband’s, they like to get your toddler something for holidays. So here are 30+ Toddler Gift Ideas That are NOT Toys! 


30+ Toddler Not Toy Gift Ideas

My son is blessed with many family members who love him and want to give him gifts for his birthday and for Christmas. The problem is he doesn’t need more toys – he still plays with all the toys he got for his 1st birthday

So rather than trying to come up with more toys that he might play with but doesn’t really need, I’ve come up with a list of non-toy items that we’d love for him to have. And the best part is – even though they’re not toys, they’re still fun things that he’d love to have! 

In fact, I use this list when I’m coming up with ideas for for other children, too. Most mamas I know would rather have something useful and fun as opposed to more toys cluttering up the house! 

Outdoor Toddler Gifts Not Toys

Items to Use Outside


A wagon is such a great gift that will be used for years! We want one for our son so he can be pulled around the yard in it, and so he can help us pick up his toys and the sticks in the yard when it’s time to mow!

Outdoor chair

My mom gave Camden his own outdoor toddler chair for his first birthday, and it was a great idea! He loves having his own little place to sit when we’re outside, and it’s collapsible so it can go with you to events, too!

There are a ton of cute ones, like this Disney Princess one, this Paw Patrol one, or this unicorn chair with a canopy! 

Bike Helmet

If you’re going to take your toddler on your bike or let him ride his own tricycle, he’s going to need a helmet!

Bike Seat

A bike seat that hooks onto your bike would be exciting for a toddler to get, because that promises many fun bike rides with you!

Picnic Table

I would love to have a picnic table outside for my son to be able to sit at when we eat out there! It’s fun and makes him feel important.

Sprinkler Mat

These are so much fun! The hose hooks into the edge of the plastic mat and makes the water squirt up around the edges. My son loves this, and you can make the water jets go as high or as low as you want based on water pressure. We’ve made the water shoot almost 5 feet high! 


We’ve got a little kiddie pool, but by next summer, we’re wanting something a little bit bigger (but not too big) for him to play in. Rather than just buy it ourselves, it’s a great gift to ask some family members to get him!

Fishing Pole

My husband is eager to take Camden fishing once he’s a little bit older. We figure that a kid’s fishing pole would be a great 2nd birthday present, and he’ll be almost 2 1/2 by the time it’s warm enough to fish!



Activities Toddler Gifts Not Toys

Activities/Events/Things to Go and Do

Zoo Passes

I don’t think we’d want a membership (how often can you go to the zoo?), but I think kids love getting tickets that mean they get to go to the zoo! And I love the idea of grandparents giving the tickets along with a promise to be the ones to take them on a special date!


Children’s Museum Passes/Membership

We live close to a great Children’s Museum, but they get so expensive (why do they charge for adults??). So we’d love to get our son a membership so we can play there all year. Plus the membership gives 50% off at hundreds of Children’s Museums around the country! Click here to find a museum near you! 


Swim Lessons

Swim lessons are absolutely important, since drowning is one of the biggest causes of child death. But they can be pretty costly. A gifted swim lesson package would be a great idea, because your child would be so excited that they get to go swimming every week for a while!

Soccer Lessons

We have a soccer place around us that has Daddy (or Mommy) and Me classes starting at 18 months. How fun would that be for your child and you or daddy to play a sport together??



bed and bath Toddler Gifts Non-Toys

Bedroom/Bathroom Items

Blanket and Pillow Buddy

We still haven’t given Camden a blanket to have in his crib or bed, so he’d love to open up a soft, fuzzy blanket as a gift!

Bedding Set

When your toddler ‘graduates’ from her crib, a new bedding set to go on the ‘big kid’ bed would be awesome!

Color Changing Bath Tablets

My nephew is 5 and he still loves these things! And the great thing is, once you use them, they’re gone! It’s not something that sticks around forever, cluttering up the house.

Toothbrush Set

There are so many cute character toothbrush sets out there. And anything that makes brushing teeth more desirable is good in my book!

Piggy Bank

A cute piggy bank (or any bank!) is a great gift for kids, because it also teaches them how to save their money! The one I’ve linked is so fun because you put the money on the mat for the kitty, and she sneaks out of the box and grabs the money. What toddler wouldn’t love that?!

Sleeping Bag

A sleeping bag is perfect for any traveling, and kids love feeling like they have their own stuff!



Books and Mags Toddler Gift Ideas

Books and Magazines


Books are timeless and educational, so they don’t count as toys. And books all fit on bookshelves so they’re not cluttering up the house. Here’s a great list of awesome, fun, read-again-and-again toddler books!

Highlights High Five/Hello Magazine

Highlights Hello magazine is good for babies and toddlers, age 0-3. High Five magazine is for ages 2-6. Both are cute, colorful and engaging – a perfect way to encourage a love of print!

National Geographic Little Kids Magazine

Even though Camden is only 1 1/2 years old, he loves to look at all the animal pictures in National Geographic Kids magazine. And my husband and I love the animal facts cards!



Clothing Toddler Gifts Not Toys



Toddler Backpack

I love having a backpack for my toddler, because when we go somewhere, I can stuff a diaper, wipes and snacks in his bag and not have to carry a diaper bag anymore! And Camden loves wearing his giraffe backpack. Plus, if you want, you can get ones with the ‘leash’ attached to use in busy places. The Skip Hop backpacks are my favorite! 

Winter Coat/Hat/Gloves

All the littles who live in places that get cold winter climates need winter accessories. And there are so many cute colors, animal themed, or character themed gloves and hats out there!


A suitcase is a great thing for kids to have for traveling or sleepovers at the grandparents’ house.


Our house is all hardwood, so slippers are great for keeping feet warm!

Personalized Bath Towel/Character Bath Towel

My son loves his hooded animal towels, so I can only imagine he’d love one with his name on it.

Anywhere Chair

Camden love, love, loves his anywhere chair. He sits in it, stands in it and climbs all over it. And I love that you can pull the cover off and wash it easily. Plus there are so many cute patterns and colors, and 3 different sizes!

Personalized Growth Chart

You and your little one will both love marking her growth on a personalized growth chart! 



miscellaneous gift ideas


Cooking Supplies/Apron

If your toddler likes helping in the kitchen, he would love having his own supplies and apron, too! 

Travel Activity Tray

If you’re in the car very often, this travel tray is perfect! It goes over your toddler’s lap in the car seat so he can have activities and toys to play with while you travel. 



Got any other great non-toy gift ideas? Or is your toddler obsessed with any of the ones I listed? Let me know in the comments! 


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