3 Must-Haves for a Toddler Bedroom

Collage of toddler bedroom bookshelves

Are you starting the transition from baby room to toddler room? Here are my top three must-have toddler bedroom furniture pieces for a functional toddler room.

3 MUST HAVES for toddler bedroom

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It’s breaking my heart, but my baby is almost 2. And his room is starting to change, just a little. He’s still in diapers, so we’re not quite ready to move the changing table out. And my mama heart isn’t ready to move the rocking chair out, because I still need my nightly cuddles.

But, we are changing other things. We’re moving some of his toys into his room, because he’s actually playing independently in their. And we’re putting more and more books on his shelves, and making his room a comfortable reading place, because Camden is a voracious bookworm.

Here are my top three must-haves for toddler bedroom furniture to help make it a space that your toddler loves and is comfortable in.


Bookshelf (and Books)

This is the single most important feature (aside from the bed, I suppose) to me in a toddler bedroom. As a former teacher, I am such a big literacy advocate. And I firmly believe that placing numerous literacy experiences and opportunities in our children’s daily lives make reading an integral part of their day. Think of it this way: they play with the toys they can see. If they see books – and lots of them, they’re more likely to read books – and lots of them.

We put a huge, 3 tier corner bookshelf in his Camden’s room. It is already over halfway filled with board books on one side and paperback books on the other. We give Camden a book for every holiday, and I keep sticking my books from when I was a teacher on the shelf a few a time.

And guess what? That’s his favorite spot in his room. We read 10+ books a day. And I never, ever have to force it. Camden enjoys reading because we do it every day, and he reads on his own because he gets joy from the books. And he loves having a bookshelf with hundreds of books that are his.

I couldn’t find another corner bookshelf, but these are some of the shelves I’m loving (I’ll be choosing one of these for the playroom we’re finishing for Camden):

Collage of toddler bedroom bookshelves

Ameriwood Home Hazel Kids Bookshelf //  DIY Adjustable Bookshelf // South Shore Gray Bookshelf


A Comfortable (Reading) Chair – Toddler Bedroom Furniture Choice #2

Disclaimer: Delta Children sent me this chair for the purpose of review, but all thoughts and opinions expressed are 100% my own. As always, I would never give you anything but complete honesty. 

delta childrens chair toddler bedroom



Alongside a nice bookshelf, a toddler needs his own comfortable reading chair. That way, he has his own little reading corner. It helps makes reading more enjoyable and more personal when he has his own little spot to read with easy access to all of his books. 

This Marvel Avengers High Back Upholstered Kids Chair was my top pick for Camden’s reading corner. Camden has Avengers socks and a couple of Avengers books, and he thinks the superheroes are cool, so I know he’ll only love them more as he gets older.

I wanted a chair that was sturdy and that I felt confident would last him for years. This chair is exactly that: it’s super sturdy and comfortable. Plus, the quality is fabulous and I know he’s still going to be sitting in this chair when he’s in kindergarten. Size wise, it’s also going work for years – too many of the chairs come in a tiny toddler size that just won’t grow with him. But not this chair. 

Also – it was so stinking easy to put together; no tools I don’t know the name of needed. The top piece just slides into the bottom piece and 2 screws and washers later, it’s done. It’s literally the first piece of furniture I’ve ever put together without my husband’s help. And if you buy it for Christmas, you can put it together to have it sitting under the tree without a lot of time-consuming effort. 

And if your toddler isn’t in to Avengers, Delta Children has the same chair in different designs: Batman, Jojo Siwa (I’m so old – who even is that?), Justice League, Superhero Girls, and Wonder Woman. Something for everyone!



Toy Bin Organizer


toy organizer toddler

This toy bin organizer is my other must-have piece of toddler bedroom furniture. We have the extra large one in our living room, and we’re getting either the same one or the one that’s slightly smaller for Camden’s bedroom. I like it so much better than a toy box because everything can actually be organized and sorted.

And even though they’re probably just going to mix up everything you’ve organized and sorted, at least it lets the kids see everything they’ve got. Otherwise, I feel like, when it’s all packed together in a toy box, they don’t even know what they have and they just play with the same few things that are on top. 

Toy bin organizers let kids have independence in getting their toys out and putting them away, and I am here for it.


I’m sure we’ll find more thing that we love to have in Camden’s toddler room, but as we start the transition, those are our must-have toddler bedroom furniture pieces for now. What do you feel like your toddler needs in his or her room?




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