One Year With Camden – Happy Birthday, Little Man!

One Year With Camden – Happy Birthday, Little Man!

One Year With Camden – Happy Birthday, Little Man!

Camden 1 Year Old #sevennailsphotography

Photo Credit – (Seven Nails Photography)


I can’t believe I’m writing this post. My baby boy is 1 year old! He’s gone from a teeny, tiny little guy who needed me every second to this vibrant 1 year old. It makes me so happy but so sad and sentimental at the same time.

In fact I already told my husband that, yes, I was probably going to get teary-eyed at Camden’s birthday party. He said he wasn’t surprised. Ha.

And I did. We celebrated over the weekend with a buffalo plaid/lumberjack themed party. Camden pigged out on mac and cheese and a birthday cake (made with no sugar!). He had so much of his extended family and his best friend there to celebrate. Little Man didn’t stop moving or playing for over 3 hours – then crashed when I laid him down for a nap. He had no idea why everyone was there, but he certainly had fun!

We’ll celebrate tonight, just the 3 of us – with goat cheese risotto and a new Laugh and Learn Play Table. I don’t think there’s much that would make this boy happier than that! 



One year old. We have a one year old.


Camden 1 Year

Photo Credit – (Seven Nails Photography)


We have a boy who walks, hands held up like Frankenstein’s monster, giggling at what he can do.

We have a boy who uses his push walker to zoom around the house, practically running, shouting with glee all the while.

We have a boy who loves music; who bounces on his bottom, tries to bounce his legs and shakes his little head when he hears his favorite songs.

We have a boy who grins and bounces when he sees P.J. Masks on t.v. (Andrew keeps trying to get him interested in Wild Kratts, but P.J. Masks is his jam, guys.) And he watches like 2 minutes at a time, so no t.v. lectures please.

We have a boy who eats like a champ, dislikes nothing, and loves goat cheese risotto and macaroni & cheese.

We have a boy who hugs and cuddles everyone he can find – mama, daddy, the dog and cat, and his stuffed animals.

We have a sweet, kind hearted boy.

We have a monkey-boy who literally lives and breathes to climb everything he can get his short legs on.

We have a gorgeous boy full of personality and life and smiles.

Camden 1 Year



Sure, I miss the dependence on me, but I love his independence. I miss when he laid still for more than 3 seconds, but I love his vibrant energy. I miss those tiny new baby smiles, but I love his boisterous belly laughs.

Camden 1 Year


Camden 1 Year



Camden 1 Year



I know it only gets better from here.

Happy birthday to our little miracle!



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